The Curse of the Abaia!! A Pulp Alley Adventure.

This week found the Williamsburg Legati returned from their month long hiatus as well as completing another episode of the Perilous Island campaign.

Having discovered the blind sailor in Soerabaja, apparently the only survivor of Lord Darrow’s expedition, Red Shamabala and the Legio Patra Nostra  temporarily put aside their animosity and take passage on board the S.S. Venture to the mysterious Perilous Island!


There boats scattered and wrecked by something under the lagoon, the adventurers swim safely  to the shore.  The Plot points for this adventure were one Major plot point, a box containing remains of Lord Darrow’s journal.  this was pre-placed on the boat wreckage at the mouth of the lagoon.  The others, placed by the players were a small pot of Goo, Perillium mineral deposits, a native fisherman, and a corpse.

The leagues also brought with them so useful gear.  The Russians had a rocket pack and the French a diving suit.  The French also had the help of a New Guniea brawler as a local friend.

The Russians gained the goo very quickly, and Ivanna used her rocket pack to fly out to the wreck in the lagoon.


Alex used the diving suit to simply walk out to the boat, while Captain LeFurge approached and took the native fisherman plot point.  Pretty quickly a brawl broke out on the wreck.  this fight would continue and only increase in size and confusion.



Samson tried to stop the Russians from taking the perillium, but all he achieves is slowing them down before being dropped.  It was about then that the Abaia surfaced!!!


In the confusion Alex (unlike what it says in the comic) managed to break away from the fight and steal the journal, his dive buddy on the other hand was killed by the Abaia.  While it consumed the poor fellow, the others slipped off to safety.  The mysterious remains in the end were never investigated.  The thorny growth around the body kept several attempts at bay.

See you next month for BLOOD SACRAFICE!!!


Captain Engelhorn and the Soerabaja Manhunt, A Pulp Alley Adventure!!

This week brought about the next issue of the Club’s Pulp Alley Campaign.  Clues found in the warehouse in Athens have lead our intrepid adventurers to Soerabaja in Dutch Indonesia.  It was here that an old and nearly mad sailor returned from Lord Darrow’s expedition to Perilous Island.  Perhaps he knows Darrow’s whereabouts?

As per usual, Chris had his rogue legionnaires and Peter, the Soviet Red Shambala.  We were joined this evening by Brian who opted for the S.S. Venture crew.  This legion is based very heavily upon the crew of the same name in King Kong.  They are a tramp freighter crew, engaged in making a living however they can.  Often this is by importing wild animals legally or otherwise!Page_1

This adventure is designed to use 5 locations as the plot points.  I decided, due to the nature of the game and the usual way that plot points work (which requires them to be too small to be contested by multiple legions) to use figures to represent the places.  So with that in mind, the plot points were:

A grumpy sailor figure- Gimpy’s Bar

A Nurse- St Lawrence’s Catholic Mission

A rugged looking Matron in an Apron- Red Bridge Hostel

An Armed Maid- Cafe Perkasa

and lastly a Bartender- De Zondebak & Het Schwarte Schaap pub

All of these are just minor plot points.  the major plot point was the old sailor and he wasn’t to be placed on the table at all.  As per the usual ruloes the plot points would be played with perils and a random challenge.  If taken a reward card is pulled.  If that card has the +1 Exp reward than the Old Sailor would also be there.



The Legionnaires and Red Shambala immediately went for the closest plot points, and this game became mostly a race.  The legionnaires went directly for the mission and the bar, while the soviets went for the Hostel and cafe.  the sailors moved slower and went to the sailor representing Gimpy’s bar.


Combat was very minimal.  All I remember was one exchange of gunfire between the Reds and the French which resulted in nothing at all!  Perils were having an effect however and it took surprisingly long for most of the plot points to be taken.


When he was finally discovered it was by the Venture crew, who quickly left in pursuit of the Island.  The other leagues likewise went in search of transport to follow the tramp freighter.

Next time Perilous Island!!!!


LeFurge at Death’s Door, a Pulp Alley Scenario

Wednesday night brought about the third game of our Perilous Island Campaign for Pulp Alley.  As usual Chris was present with the Legio Patria Nostra and Peter with the Red Shambala.  this game also saw the introduction of Dave playing the Shropshire Hunt Club.  This is a league of British Gentlemen mostly armed with shotguns.

We added the new “Phantom Legion” cards to the game decks and made use of my new Terra-blocks from Sally 4th.  We also unexpectedly found ourselves using the vehicle rules for the first time!


This adventure brings our intrepid leagues to Athens, Greece where they continue to look for clues towards Lord Darrow’s disappearance.  This time in a Customs Warehouse.  My warehouse is still a little small for the intention of the adventure, so I had decided to start the game outside the building, requiring the leagues to pass a random challenge to make there way in.

The scenario actually only calls for two players rather than three, but that all worked out fine.  even better as the new team had decided he was really just after some animals being held with the warehouse, almost a red herring league as it was.  This was inspired by the set of “Live Animal Crates” from 4 Ground that Chris had provided for terrain.  these are really nice pieces.

Thanks to the pregame situation rolls, the entire board was now not only in the dark but extremely perilous, and Red Shambala had a truck!


The Legionnaires had imitative and began the action by picking the lock on the loading dock door.  No doubt to their complete amazement, they found the night watchmen distracted.  First by the Shropshire hunt breaking their way into a side door and then the Russians (ever subtle) crashing their truck right the the front doors!


The guards began firing at both of these new groups and were rater successful.  Almost all of the Englishment were knocked down, but they other fight was even more impressive.  When the watchman began to fire on the truck (treated simply as a random peril) Chris played a card that turned the effect into a 3″ blast for the rest of the game.  The truck burst into flames!

Captain LeFurge used this distraction to grab the major plot point (the box) and carry it away.


The two leagues being attacked eventually gained control of their individual watchmen which were two of the minor plot points and there was a bit of firefighting across the warehouse floor.  Most of this had very little effect.

Lady Elaine eventually wandered off on her own in search of another plot point, the Customs Agent. Trying to take control of this plot point saw her knocked out by the peril however.


Eventually the Red Shambala did gain control of that plot point, while the Shropshire Hunt found the log book on the other side.  This left The legionnaires victorious with on major plot point to the two minor ones held by each of the other leagues.  Lady Elaine decides to change her allegiances, defecting from the Soviets to aid the Legio Patria Nostra instead.

This was a very enjoyable game with a very nice pace a lot of action most of which fit the narrative very well.  Now its on to Dutch Indonesia!


Nonni Petrov and the Final Flight! A Pulp Alley Adventure

So this week brought about the next installment of our Pulp Alley Campaign.  Readers will recall that Lord Darrow, eccentric archaeologist has disappeared.  In the last episode, the Red Shambala went to Hildago Mexico to convince Lord Darrow’s daughter to come with them to Athens to search for her father.  There they tangled with the renegade Legionnaires of the Legio Patria Nostro.  Eventually Nonni convinced Elaine to come with them. Page_1

This episode finds the Red Shambala laying over in Casablanca, enroute to Athens.  Things are not well in Morocco however.  A recent rebellion has disturbed the peace and the authorites are closing the airport for security reasons.  Amidst the confusion, Lady Elaine has managed to slip away!  Nonni and her league must find tickets, find Elaine, and get onto that final flight.

The Russians aren’t alone however.  The Legionnaires of Legio Patria Nostro have followed them to Casablanca and have their own schemes.  They intend to rifle an item out of the baggage that one of the aircraft mechanics really desires.  With this they intend to bribe him into sabotaging the plane so that it can not leave.


Due to the increased presence of French Colonial Gendarmes, both sides tried to avoid heavy handed means of acquiring their goals.  Ivanna  went directly for the tickets, while Capt. Le Furge went straight for the mysterious box.  The experienced veteran also fanned his Legionnaires out towards the plane.


Luck quickly turned against the Legionnaires who had a great deal of trouble collecting the plot points.  First it took multiple tries, then the initial plot proved to be the wrong box.  The plot point was replaced and the process started again.

Meanwhile the Russians were proceeding right along.  Fetching the tickets, and little more trouble convincing Elaine to rejoin them, and then finally on to the waiting aircraft.


     Time began to run out as the Russians finally approached the plane’s door, only to find it heavily guarded.  Becoming desperate as their time sped away, the Legionnaires opened fire.  Ivanna responded by charging forward and knocking out Marcel who was guarding the plane’s  door.  Alexandra then secured the major plot point, boarding the plane and ending the game.

   Peter played the Russians, Chris the Renegades.  The Nissen huts and Electra weren’t quite finished as we thought we were going to have another week to prepare.  We forgot about Thanksgiving next week.

Join us next time for “At Death’s Door!”


Nonni Petrov and the Hildalgo Fire! A Pulp Alley adventure!

So tonight we began our Pulp Alley campaign with Hildalgo Fire.  The first adventure in Pulp Alley’s campaign supplement Perilous Island.

Pulp Alley is a enjoyable little game combing elements of a Role playing game with those of a skirmish miniatures game with a bit of rugged adventure and hard boiled excitement thrown in.  The rules are very flexible, easy to learn, quick to play and a cracking good time.

The leagues tonight were Chris with the Legio Patria Nostra, a group of renegade French Foreign Legion now seeking greater adventure, fame and wealth on their own, and Peter with the Red Shambala. Red Shambala is a secret group of Soviet operatives seeking to capture various supernatural, esoteric and technological wonders to aid in the war that seems to be coming with Germany.


The game is played by capturing or controlling “Plot Points”.  For tonight’s game these consisted of Lady Elaine Darrow, the daughter of missing Lord Darrow, Lady Elaine’s loyal Maid U’bunyu, Lady Elaine’s luggage, her tent, and an ancient artifact.


The leagues mostly chased after the plot points with very little actual combat amongst themselves.  A large number of perilous areas on the table still kept the game dangerous.



A surprise feature of this game is that at the beginning of turn four a handful of fire bombs mysteriously explode.  Mostly they had little effect just causing the characters to dodge out of harms way.  Capt La Furge of the Legionnaires was injured however.


In the end this adventure belonged to the Russians.  They managed to sweep away The Lady and her Maid as well as the artifact on the rock.  The legionnaires ransacked the tent and the luggage.  Both sides lost a character, but no one really dies in Pulp Alley so the are free to return if wished.

We all enjoyed the game and look forward to next month’s “Final Flight!”

38 Fest in Virginia!!

38 Fest is a crazy scheme of Peter Barfield’s of Very British Civil Forum fame.

Forum-Banner-1  For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, Very British Civil War (or VBCW) is a  alternative history genre where King Edward refuses to abdicate upon marrying American Divorcee Wallis Simpson.  The ensuing constitutional crisis leads to a war between a number of factions many of whom enter into uneasy alliances.  Typically the game is played with ones tongue planted a bit in one’s cheek with Jeeves and Wooster provide as much research information as the actual history of the troubled thirties.

Peter Barfield who is also an illustrator for the Solway products that guide the fluff of this genre created a stratagem for a National, or in some cases international scenario and game.  38 Fest is a scenario that has been played through out Britain and here in Virginia (and who knows where all else) throughout the month of May.  Results of these games will have an effect at the “Big Game” being played at Partizan in England this weekend.

VBCW 38fest 2015 part3

The scenario has King Edward removing the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London and covertly transporting them to his Headquarters at Madresfield.  The Prime Minister, Oswald Mosley of the British Union of Fascists is pursuing them, believing that they are more secure in London.  The Jewels are being transported in smaller lots and being transported by different means.

VBCW 38fest 2015

These games were to be played in any scale and by any set of rules.  It was suggested that the forces be at least a platoon each.


Basically, the game is a fight over three farmhouses.  One of these houses also hides a portion of the Crown Jewels of England!

The Battle Ground

The Battle Ground

Downed Gladiator that had been carrying the jewels

Downed Gladiator that had been carrying the jewels

We used Chain of Command and the forces consisted of a Platoon from the 3rd Company of the Birmingham People’s Assault Column and the Market Drayton Action Group of the BUF II Legion, supported by a section of King’s Shropshire Light Infantry. The PAC force consisted of veterans of the British Battalion in the Spanish Civil War and I used the proper CoC Espana list for them.  The BUF were built using the British Home Guard List available on the Too Fat Lardies Yahoo list.


The scenario described the battle to be two platoons coming together in advance of the larger armies and I decided that the CoC patrol scenario would be perfect.  I was a little worried about the patrol phase.  I am sure this map was not designed with CoC’s patrol phase in mind but on a six foot by four foot table some of the houses might well be taken in that patrol phase.  Perhaps I should have just had the forces enter on table edges like most games.  In the end I think it worked well however.  Chris (PAC)  and I (BUF) played the game and frankly the game was won in the patrol phase!

Having only three patrol markers for a 6 foot table with three objectives across the middle meant some decisions had to be made.  Both of us realized we would have to determine which houses to make our drive to, and perhaps the other might be won later.  This became even more threatening when the Reds actually got a patrol marker into the Grange farm in the center.  I had to push for the Bridge farm on my right which I managed to secure.  This left the Brookfield Farm to the Reds, worse than that however, they had also flanked my patrol markers.  My area of control was substantially limited and it would cost me.

PAC section in the environs of the Grange farm

PAC section in the environs of the Grange farm

The Socialists immediately placed a section of rifles in the Grange farm and two 50mm mortar squads at the Brookfield Farm.  These mortars were also joined by the Platoons Sergeant to command them. They waited for a target.

Mortars at Brookfield Farm

Mortars at Brookfield Farm


Soon the BUF would oblige them.  One section took up a position to threaten the Grange farm (on the left in the picture above.  Also visible, on the right, the Brookfield farm, from which the mortars began to rain down sells onto these very men.  Another section secured their position in the Bridge farm as the BUF planned how best to take the centre house.  A  Vickers Machine Gun team deployed south of Grange in hopes of softening the target, but they were soon routed.  The BUF morale began to sink.

KSLI advancing upon the Grange house

KSLI advancing upon the Grange house

The King’s forces ordered the KSLI to advance upon the Grange.  With their Lewis gun providing covering fire, the rifle began to move forward.  The received only light fire but it was enough to wound their Corporal.  The BUF morale continued to sink!



The Women’s Assault Section (Boudicca) also left the Bridge farm, trying to get into position to assault the forces holding Grange.


The Reds, aware of the assault building upon their right places troops in the hedges to put any assault in a cross fire.  It is unnecessary however. Another BUF junior leader is wounded.  The BUF Force Morale has dipped very low and they lose two command dice.  This would be difficult for the best of units, but having begun the game with only four this was disastrous. Having lost much of their command and control, their morale quickly crashing. BUF are forced to fall back to the only house they held and wait. That battle was over.  After a quick search the missing jewels were found by the Socialists, hidden in Brookfield farm.

The game was fun, and I think the idea of a communal game was interesting.  I hope the idea might be tried again and perhaps altered so has to have a greater effect on the Big game.



Etalle May 10th , 1940

Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War!

So Wednesday night saw the second of our scenarios for Williamsburg Legati’s Fall Gelb campaign.  The campaign is a Chain of Command game focusing on the very first days of Germany’s invasion of France and Belgium.

The first encounter was at Arlon just hours earlier.  There,  recon elements of the 2e DLC were pushed back by the forward elements of the Gross Deutschland to positions in the rear at Etalle Belgium.  Chris continued to play the Germans, this time added by Bill who is visiting with us for another month or two.  Peter continued with the French along with Dave.


   The objectives were simple.  Leutnant Rolf Schraeder had been ordered to take his platoon forward into Etalle and to continue to drive the French back.  He would be supported by a Panzer I from the 10th Panzer as support.

   Preliminary scouting revealed enemy activity in the first buildings just…

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