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  1. If anybody wants to get any games in till Dec 11, my contact info is Bill – (402) 679-2379. Send me an email address, and I will send a spread sheet of the games I have with me in VA (12). Up for playing about anything.


  2. Hello,
    where did you get the Minis to play corner kick?


    • Ours were made by Mega minis who has since sold the line off to Old Guard Painting Service. I notice that their webpage is gone. Their FB page is . There is a set of 50s playes available through Eureka. The best presently available however are available through the game’s creator, Jeff Wiltrout. Not sure how to get in touch with him though. This looks like it is his email address


  3. Do you folks have scheduled game nights?
    If so are you taking on new players?


    • We meet most Thursday nights up in Norge, and yes new players are welcome.


      • What time and where do you meet in Norge?
        Do you have a schedule of what Thursday you will meet?
        Thanks for responding back.


      • I’m sorry it took so long to respond, I wasn’t notified that you had! We really meet almost every Thursday, though not tomorrow. We meet at the BarnBurners Slot Car club of Richmond road. We usually communicate through a facebook messenger group and have sort of neglected our blog and our calendar. Our regular fb is at


      • we usually meet between 6:30 and 7 I don’t mean we only meet for a half hour but people tend to arrive over that half hour


  4. Thanks for replying. I thought I had said something inappropriate and you folks didn’t want me to show up. In any rate, I’ll come by on Thursday. Thanks again.



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