Viva Espana!

In an attempt to reign in our natures as Gaming Butterflies, and to improve our knowledge of the rules for the games we play, the Williamsburg Legati know plays one set of rules for at least a month.  the rules for July are Forager, the Napoleonic Skirmish Wargame. This is a new game From Stand To Games.

Forager is an excellent set of small skirmish rules with plenty of narrative action.  Each player has about six characters with different statistics and traits.  Most things are determined by rolls of d10s and the game rules are straightforward and easily played.

We have elected to play a campaign, that is campaign with the little “c”. At present at least our games are not necessarily meant to follow one another but we are all tracking the careers of our little pewter men.

The fist two games were played on are usual game night (last Thursday) with Tim and Chris playing “A Chance Meeting” and Dave and Peter playing “Escort”.


The escort set Dave and his Voltiguers with the task of escorting a horse (it was supposed to be a wagon) across the board.  Peter’s 95th Rifles sought to stop the French progress.




Oddly the 95th rushed forward losing the advantage of their rifles and getting close enough to allow the French to charge them.  A very nasty fight occurred at the gate of the brick wall but eventually the Voltiguers were bleed dry and quit the field.  In the process one of their men were captured by the 95th.


I didn’t get to follow the Chance Meeting game very closely.  This is a scenario were two commands come into contact while foraging for supplies. Barrels, Donkeys, Pigs and sheep are scattered around and the different types give different victory points.

What I do know is that at the end of the night, the British how proved victorious in both games, having driven their enemies from the field by casualty.

Geoff and I were to play later.


Until then, Cheers.


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