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Thursday night the Williamsburg Legati played another Spy Fi game of Crooked Dice’s 7TV. More of the miniatures are painted, and we are playing around with different scenery ideas. Our newest member Geoff brought a lot of jungle foliage by, so we decided to set the game in the jungle. We also shook things up a bit on […]

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One Bad Apple, a 7TV Episode



          With DC Falstaff disguised as a member of the firm,

      the Beat unleashes a sudden raid.  Unfortunately, it’s

      less of a surprise than expected.  Is a member of the

      squad bent?  DI Skelton has to find the culprit and

      nick the villains.

   So last Sunday the Williamsburg Legati began a new project.  7TV  second edition is a game by Crooked Dice based upon cult TV shows of the 1960s and 70s.  The game was really intended as a practice to help familiarize the players with the concepts and the rules.  Are table is not quite finished yet, so some of the scenery is a little sketchy, and in the excitement, I paid a  bit too little attention to the camera’s focus.  My apologies for these deficiencies!


This was an episode (game) of “THE BEAT” which was fictional TV Channel 7TV’s hard detective action programme.  Both casts (Sides) were built on 50 Ratings (points) and we had four players.  A random roll decided that this would be a Battle which is the simplest of the scenarios.  The Law got to choose if they would defend or attack and they decided it made more sense that they would be attacking. The coppers would be unleashing a raid on a criminal firm’s hideout in a factory complex.  Everything sounds fine so far….


A very interesting feature of 7TV is the “count down” cards.  these cards act as a turn counting device, but they are divided into three groups (Acts One, Two and Finale) and have special events that escalate as the acts progress.  The coppers had initiative and peeled around the corners in an impressive collection of vehicles.  The villains however, all had one free move due ot one of the character’s special effects.  Clearly they knew something was up.  Than a countdown card ( I think, it might also have been a special effect) caused one woodentop to activate under the villians control.  Choosing the driver of the police van, the bent copper smashes into Skelton’s flash motor, wrecking it!  these event crfeated at random a new narrative.  Obviously the villains had someone inside the squad!


This accident caused the police raid to stop further from the crooks than intended.  The coppers fought hard, but the disadvantage of firepower (all the PCs armed just with their truncheon) and the surprising toughness of slag aiding the Geezers eventually caused the Old Bill to pull out.  Occasionally crime does pay I guess.

Everyone enjoyed the game, which took longer than it should have since we didn’t know the rules as well as we might.  They are not difficult, but a number of the concepts are a little unusual.  Clearly the challengs of the game are knowing your cast (and perhaps the opponents) and determining how to spend your plot points.  These are used not only to activate your characters but can also be used to acctivate special effect or gadgets and to increase your attacks or defense.  I look forward to playing again.


Nice Mention By Our Guest Mike Whitaker as well as a review of Altar of Freedom and interview with Chris…

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Blood Sacrifice, A Pulp Alley Adventure!!

So last week brought about another installment in our Pulp Alley Perilous Island campaign.  Chris and the Rogue legionnaires continued against Peter and the Red Shambala to take themselves closer to finding the whereabouts of Lord Darrow.  Peter’s son joined us for the game with the “Knights of the White Rose”.  This legion consists of some high ranking veterans of the Imperial German Army, trying to stop Hitler’s rise to power.  Mostly they do this by thwarting his collection of occult and mythic relics.

This episode begins with the players being drawn to the cries of a distressed island girl.


The Germans were aided by a friendly local (a level 1 scout) and the French choose to bring a gadget x and a utility belt.  This is the first game that we were able to use the new resource cards and everyone was pleased with them.




I lost some of the action and didn’t take enough pictures so the comic does suffer a bit in accuracy this episode!  For example, there was more fighting in this adventure than we have seen in some time, if ever.  Gonga the terror proved far more capable than any other Terror we have encountered so far!




Of the minor plot points, the Germans took Shugenja and the relic, the French took the Periliniuim and the Russians had the remains and the Major plot point the Tropic Maid.  An enjoyable time was had by all.  Join us next time for “The Sinister Swamp!!”

The Curse of the Abaia!! A Pulp Alley Adventure.

This week found the Williamsburg Legati returned from their month long hiatus as well as completing another episode of the Perilous Island campaign.

Having discovered the blind sailor in Soerabaja, apparently the only survivor of Lord Darrow’s expedition, Red Shamabala and the Legio Patra Nostra  temporarily put aside their animosity and take passage on board the S.S. Venture to the mysterious Perilous Island!


There boats scattered and wrecked by something under the lagoon, the adventurers swim safely  to the shore.  The Plot points for this adventure were one Major plot point, a box containing remains of Lord Darrow’s journal.  this was pre-placed on the boat wreckage at the mouth of the lagoon.  The others, placed by the players were a small pot of Goo, Perillium mineral deposits, a native fisherman, and a corpse.

The leagues also brought with them so useful gear.  The Russians had a rocket pack and the French a diving suit.  The French also had the help of a New Guniea brawler as a local friend.

The Russians gained the goo very quickly, and Ivanna used her rocket pack to fly out to the wreck in the lagoon.


Alex used the diving suit to simply walk out to the boat, while Captain LeFurge approached and took the native fisherman plot point.  Pretty quickly a brawl broke out on the wreck.  this fight would continue and only increase in size and confusion.



Samson tried to stop the Russians from taking the perillium, but all he achieves is slowing them down before being dropped.  It was about then that the Abaia surfaced!!!


In the confusion Alex (unlike what it says in the comic) managed to break away from the fight and steal the journal, his dive buddy on the other hand was killed by the Abaia.  While it consumed the poor fellow, the others slipped off to safety.  The mysterious remains in the end were never investigated.  The thorny growth around the body kept several attempts at bay.

See you next month for BLOOD SACRAFICE!!!

Captain Engelhorn and the Soerabaja Manhunt, A Pulp Alley Adventure!!

This week brought about the next issue of the Club’s Pulp Alley Campaign.  Clues found in the warehouse in Athens have lead our intrepid adventurers to Soerabaja in Dutch Indonesia.  It was here that an old and nearly mad sailor returned from Lord Darrow’s expedition to Perilous Island.  Perhaps he knows Darrow’s whereabouts?

As per usual, Chris had his rogue legionnaires and Peter, the Soviet Red Shambala.  We were joined this evening by Brian who opted for the S.S. Venture crew.  This legion is based very heavily upon the crew of the same name in King Kong.  They are a tramp freighter crew, engaged in making a living however they can.  Often this is by importing wild animals legally or otherwise!Page_1

This adventure is designed to use 5 locations as the plot points.  I decided, due to the nature of the game and the usual way that plot points work (which requires them to be too small to be contested by multiple legions) to use figures to represent the places.  So with that in mind, the plot points were:

A grumpy sailor figure- Gimpy’s Bar

A Nurse- St Lawrence’s Catholic Mission

A rugged looking Matron in an Apron- Red Bridge Hostel

An Armed Maid- Cafe Perkasa

and lastly a Bartender- De Zondebak & Het Schwarte Schaap pub

All of these are just minor plot points.  the major plot point was the old sailor and he wasn’t to be placed on the table at all.  As per the usual ruloes the plot points would be played with perils and a random challenge.  If taken a reward card is pulled.  If that card has the +1 Exp reward than the Old Sailor would also be there.



The Legionnaires and Red Shambala immediately went for the closest plot points, and this game became mostly a race.  The legionnaires went directly for the mission and the bar, while the soviets went for the Hostel and cafe.  the sailors moved slower and went to the sailor representing Gimpy’s bar.


Combat was very minimal.  All I remember was one exchange of gunfire between the Reds and the French which resulted in nothing at all!  Perils were having an effect however and it took surprisingly long for most of the plot points to be taken.


When he was finally discovered it was by the Venture crew, who quickly left in pursuit of the Island.  The other leagues likewise went in search of transport to follow the tramp freighter.

Next time Perilous Island!!!!


LeFurge at Death’s Door, a Pulp Alley Scenario

Wednesday night brought about the third game of our Perilous Island Campaign for Pulp Alley.  As usual Chris was present with the Legio Patria Nostra and Peter with the Red Shambala.  this game also saw the introduction of Dave playing the Shropshire Hunt Club.  This is a league of British Gentlemen mostly armed with shotguns.

We added the new “Phantom Legion” cards to the game decks and made use of my new Terra-blocks from Sally 4th.  We also unexpectedly found ourselves using the vehicle rules for the first time!


This adventure brings our intrepid leagues to Athens, Greece where they continue to look for clues towards Lord Darrow’s disappearance.  This time in a Customs Warehouse.  My warehouse is still a little small for the intention of the adventure, so I had decided to start the game outside the building, requiring the leagues to pass a random challenge to make there way in.

The scenario actually only calls for two players rather than three, but that all worked out fine.  even better as the new team had decided he was really just after some animals being held with the warehouse, almost a red herring league as it was.  This was inspired by the set of “Live Animal Crates” from 4 Ground that Chris had provided for terrain.  these are really nice pieces.

Thanks to the pregame situation rolls, the entire board was now not only in the dark but extremely perilous, and Red Shambala had a truck!


The Legionnaires had imitative and began the action by picking the lock on the loading dock door.  No doubt to their complete amazement, they found the night watchmen distracted.  First by the Shropshire hunt breaking their way into a side door and then the Russians (ever subtle) crashing their truck right the the front doors!


The guards began firing at both of these new groups and were rater successful.  Almost all of the Englishment were knocked down, but they other fight was even more impressive.  When the watchman began to fire on the truck (treated simply as a random peril) Chris played a card that turned the effect into a 3″ blast for the rest of the game.  The truck burst into flames!

Captain LeFurge used this distraction to grab the major plot point (the box) and carry it away.


The two leagues being attacked eventually gained control of their individual watchmen which were two of the minor plot points and there was a bit of firefighting across the warehouse floor.  Most of this had very little effect.

Lady Elaine eventually wandered off on her own in search of another plot point, the Customs Agent. Trying to take control of this plot point saw her knocked out by the peril however.


Eventually the Red Shambala did gain control of that plot point, while the Shropshire Hunt found the log book on the other side.  This left The legionnaires victorious with on major plot point to the two minor ones held by each of the other leagues.  Lady Elaine decides to change her allegiances, defecting from the Soviets to aid the Legio Patria Nostra instead.

This was a very enjoyable game with a very nice pace a lot of action most of which fit the narrative very well.  Now its on to Dutch Indonesia!