Blood Sacrifice, A Pulp Alley Adventure!!

So last week brought about another installment in our Pulp Alley Perilous Island campaign.  Chris and the Rogue legionnaires continued against Peter and the Red Shambala to take themselves closer to finding the whereabouts of Lord Darrow.  Peter’s son joined us for the game with the “Knights of the White Rose”.  This legion consists of some high ranking veterans of the Imperial German Army, trying to stop Hitler’s rise to power.  Mostly they do this by thwarting his collection of occult and mythic relics.

This episode begins with the players being drawn to the cries of a distressed island girl.


The Germans were aided by a friendly local (a level 1 scout) and the French choose to bring a gadget x and a utility belt.  This is the first game that we were able to use the new resource cards and everyone was pleased with them.




I lost some of the action and didn’t take enough pictures so the comic does suffer a bit in accuracy this episode!  For example, there was more fighting in this adventure than we have seen in some time, if ever.  Gonga the terror proved far more capable than any other Terror we have encountered so far!




Of the minor plot points, the Germans took Shugenja and the relic, the French took the Periliniuim and the Russians had the remains and the Major plot point the Tropic Maid.  An enjoyable time was had by all.  Join us next time for “The Sinister Swamp!!”


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