Nonni Petrov and the Final Flight! A Pulp Alley Adventure

So this week brought about the next installment of our Pulp Alley Campaign.  Readers will recall that Lord Darrow, eccentric archaeologist has disappeared.  In the last episode, the Red Shambala went to Hildago Mexico to convince Lord Darrow’s daughter to come with them to Athens to search for her father.  There they tangled with the renegade Legionnaires of the Legio Patria Nostro.  Eventually Nonni convinced Elaine to come with them. Page_1

This episode finds the Red Shambala laying over in Casablanca, enroute to Athens.  Things are not well in Morocco however.  A recent rebellion has disturbed the peace and the authorites are closing the airport for security reasons.  Amidst the confusion, Lady Elaine has managed to slip away!  Nonni and her league must find tickets, find Elaine, and get onto that final flight.

The Russians aren’t alone however.  The Legionnaires of Legio Patria Nostro have followed them to Casablanca and have their own schemes.  They intend to rifle an item out of the baggage that one of the aircraft mechanics really desires.  With this they intend to bribe him into sabotaging the plane so that it can not leave.


Due to the increased presence of French Colonial Gendarmes, both sides tried to avoid heavy handed means of acquiring their goals.  Ivanna  went directly for the tickets, while Capt. Le Furge went straight for the mysterious box.  The experienced veteran also fanned his Legionnaires out towards the plane.


Luck quickly turned against the Legionnaires who had a great deal of trouble collecting the plot points.  First it took multiple tries, then the initial plot proved to be the wrong box.  The plot point was replaced and the process started again.

Meanwhile the Russians were proceeding right along.  Fetching the tickets, and little more trouble convincing Elaine to rejoin them, and then finally on to the waiting aircraft.


     Time began to run out as the Russians finally approached the plane’s door, only to find it heavily guarded.  Becoming desperate as their time sped away, the Legionnaires opened fire.  Ivanna responded by charging forward and knocking out Marcel who was guarding the plane’s  door.  Alexandra then secured the major plot point, boarding the plane and ending the game.

   Peter played the Russians, Chris the Renegades.  The Nissen huts and Electra weren’t quite finished as we thought we were going to have another week to prepare.  We forgot about Thanksgiving next week.

Join us next time for “At Death’s Door!”



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