Nonni Petrov and the Hildalgo Fire! A Pulp Alley adventure!

So tonight we began our Pulp Alley campaign with Hildalgo Fire.  The first adventure in Pulp Alley’s campaign supplement Perilous Island.

Pulp Alley is a enjoyable little game combing elements of a Role playing game with those of a skirmish miniatures game with a bit of rugged adventure and hard boiled excitement thrown in.  The rules are very flexible, easy to learn, quick to play and a cracking good time.

The leagues tonight were Chris with the Legio Patria Nostra, a group of renegade French Foreign Legion now seeking greater adventure, fame and wealth on their own, and Peter with the Red Shambala. Red Shambala is a secret group of Soviet operatives seeking to capture various supernatural, esoteric and technological wonders to aid in the war that seems to be coming with Germany.


The game is played by capturing or controlling “Plot Points”.  For tonight’s game these consisted of Lady Elaine Darrow, the daughter of missing Lord Darrow, Lady Elaine’s loyal Maid U’bunyu, Lady Elaine’s luggage, her tent, and an ancient artifact.


The leagues mostly chased after the plot points with very little actual combat amongst themselves.  A large number of perilous areas on the table still kept the game dangerous.



A surprise feature of this game is that at the beginning of turn four a handful of fire bombs mysteriously explode.  Mostly they had little effect just causing the characters to dodge out of harms way.  Capt La Furge of the Legionnaires was injured however.


In the end this adventure belonged to the Russians.  They managed to sweep away The Lady and her Maid as well as the artifact on the rock.  The legionnaires ransacked the tent and the luggage.  Both sides lost a character, but no one really dies in Pulp Alley so the are free to return if wished.

We all enjoyed the game and look forward to next month’s “Final Flight!”



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  2. Ron…I just love the narrative in comic book style….great stuff.


  3. Fantastic! THANKS for playing and sharing Pulp Alley.

    Pulp Alley


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