Etalle May 10th , 1940

Cry Havoc Wargaming

So Wednesday night saw the second of our scenarios for Williamsburg Legati’s Fall Gelb campaign.  The campaign is a Chain of Command game focusing on the very first days of Germany’s invasion of France and Belgium.

The first encounter was at Arlon just hours earlier.  There,  recon elements of the 2e DLC were pushed back by the forward elements of the Gross Deutschland to positions in the rear at Etalle Belgium.  Chris continued to play the Germans, this time added by Bill who is visiting with us for another month or two.  Peter continued with the French along with Dave.


   The objectives were simple.  Leutnant Rolf Schraeder had been ordered to take his platoon forward into Etalle and to continue to drive the French back.  He would be supported by a Panzer I from the 10th Panzer as support.

   Preliminary scouting revealed enemy activity in the first buildings just…

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