Arlon May 10, 1940

Cry Havoc Wargaming

Last Wednesday saw the beginning of The Williamsburg Legati’s new Chain of Command Campaign, Fall Gelb.  This campaign pits the French Dragoons of the 3e Regiment de Dragons Porte against Germans from the Infantrie Regiment Gross Deuschland at the head of Germany’s rush to the Meuse River.

Historically, after months of inaction in the phoney war, the Germans invaded Luxembourg and Belgium to attack France through the weakly defended Ardennes.  As per their plan, the Allies raced their troops up to hold a defensive line.  At 12:30, recon elements of the 2 DLC encountered German recon west of the village of Arlon.

Arlon Map Arlon Map

Peter played the French and Chris the Germans.  The scenario was played as the Patrol Scenario from the Chain of Command rules.  The Germans began the game with a Force Morale of 10, the French, beginning a long trend, rolled poorly and had only 8.  The…

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