Dux ReDux

So last Wednesday we tried Dux Brittaniarum for the second time previous to beginning our new campaign.  For those unaware, this is the Age of Arthur wargame and campaign system published by Too Fat Lardies.

The game begins by laying out terrain and the choosing the nature of the fight.  In this case it was a village raid.  The Saxons played by Dave had to make their way all the way across the table.  Plunder the Romano Brit village and make off with the goodies.  Dave had two turns to act before the British, commanded by Chris finally arrived.


The nature of the terrain also ended up aiding the Saxons.  A river ran the length of the table separating the British from both the Saxon invaders and their endangered village.  Due to the river and a mistake regarding the effect of that river upon movement, the Brits decided to ignore their town and instead work at stopping the Saxon retreat.

The Saxon lord, seeing the threat, returned most of his men back to defend the river’s force, while two of his groups search the village.  These pillagers waste a great deal of time, being unable to find anything of any value.

Saxons plundering

Saxons plundering

In the mean time the main bodies of both commands begin a “dance” to try to control the others position and trying to goad the opponent into action.  The British Lord finally has enough of this and takes his companions north towards the village where the Saxons finally manage to find some plunder and begin their retreat.

Romano Noble racing towards the village

Romano Noble racing towards the village


At this point the Saxon Lord ordered his forces to withdraw, but is was contested by the Romano-Brits and the plunderers were trapped in The British Lords zone of influence.  Most of the Saxons got away, but not the the poor souls who had captured the stolen wealth.


This whole game was played to the musical accompaniment of the MakerBot Relicator , The Phalanx Consortium’s new toy, as it printed out a new building.



Arlon May 10, 1940

Cry Havoc Wargaming

Last Wednesday saw the beginning of The Williamsburg Legati’s new Chain of Command Campaign, Fall Gelb.  This campaign pits the French Dragoons of the 3e Regiment de Dragons Porte against Germans from the Infantrie Regiment Gross Deuschland at the head of Germany’s rush to the Meuse River.

Historically, after months of inaction in the phoney war, the Germans invaded Luxembourg and Belgium to attack France through the weakly defended Ardennes.  As per their plan, the Allies raced their troops up to hold a defensive line.  At 12:30, recon elements of the 2 DLC encountered German recon west of the village of Arlon.

Arlon Map Arlon Map

Peter played the French and Chris the Germans.  The scenario was played as the Patrol Scenario from the Chain of Command rules.  The Germans began the game with a Force Morale of 10, the French, beginning a long trend, rolled poorly and had only 8.  The…

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