Where have we been?

It might be easy to think that the Legati have been dormant these last several months based upon the lack of activity here on the Blog.

This is certainly not the case.

As a club we have been venturing into a number of new areas, most notably would be Skirmish Sangin, Chain of Command, Ronin, Of Gods and Mortals, and a little more recently All Quiet on the Martian Front.

Speaking of Skirmish Sangin, one of the greatest changes has been the success of Chris’ business venture Phalanx Consortium who are now the North American distribution partners for Radio Dishdash. We certainly are proud of what he has accomplished in so short a time.


At the Williamsburg Muster we hosted a number of games. Peter and Chris hosted there beautiful 16th Century Korean war Ronin fight. Hopefully we can get a pic posted here of what was a lovely game board with beautifully painted figures on both sides. Chris also ran some demo games of Skirmish Sangin and I ran a International Brigade Spanish Civil War scenario for Chain of Command.

The three of us were also at Historicon. Chris as a vendor, Pete as a participant and I as a GM. I ran The First Hours, a Chain of command scenario set just at the beginning of the invasion of Belgium in 1940. I do not have any pics of the game underway as my camera disappointed me but I do have this one of the table before the battle began thanks to Pete. Peter also had the chance to play the huge All Quiet on the Martian Front game there as well.

14 - 1

Guns of August is in two weeks, so we are all preparing for that. Peter will be initiating our World War I commemoration with a Mons scenario which we have been playtesting. I will be offering a game of Sharp Practice on Friday evening and the aforementioned Battle of France scenario for Chain of Command on Saturday night. I imagine Chris will be confined to his table, but will no doubt continue to offer Sangin demos on his beautiful board.