Guns of August 2014


      Once again Williamsburg Legati did what it could to support our local Williamsburg conventions.


     Chris and family were present with their company The Phalanx Consortium, and were actively promoting Skirmish Sangin and the related Radio Dish Dash products.

The Phalanx Consortium Table

The Phalanx Consortium Table


     Chris also ran two Demo games on his beautiful Afghanistan board, one in the evening both on Friday and Saturday.

Coalition Troops in the irrigation canal

Coalition Troops patrolling the irrigation canal



Afghans in the poppies


    On Saturday afternoon Peter offered his Mons game.  This was a Trench Wars game based upon one of the actions at Mons in 1914 and his the first official game of our clubs commemoration of the centennial of World War I. The scenario has German lancers pursuing a column of retreating British tommies while the rest of the German forces try to take the town.  I did get some pictures to share with you but for some reason the  were completely black when I loaded them onto the computer.  I will try to get some pics from peter to share with you all here.

    I ran two games.  The first was Friday night. this was a Sharp Practice game set in Spain.  Members of the 60th American were being chased by the French 4th Dragoons.


Peter moving his forces

       Peter and three others played in this game.  The British were so successful that they managed to make their objective (driving away the enemy and the get off the board) before the larger threat of French men even arrived! 


Dragoons enter on the first game

      All players agreed to a second game however with a few alterations one of which was to allow the reinforcements to arrive earlier!


Rifles defending the farm

Rifles defending the farm


    This alteration made the world of difference.  the game unfolded much like the first, though with more British casualties than the first.  However just as they left their cover and made their run for the board edge, the Dragoon reinforcements arrived!




     The Dragoons ended up dismounting and chasing the rifles off into the hills and away from their objective. for a French victory!

    My second game was Friday evening, and was a Fall of France World War Two scenario using Chain of Command as the rules.  Again with four players, the Germans were of the advance with orders to drive the french away from their positions on the outskirts of Etalle in Belgium. 

The board before the battle

The board before the battle

    The Germans held the initiative through most of this game though the French very valiantly repelled an assault for the farmhouse on their left.

Germans moving through the trout stream

Germans moving through the trout stream

      Perhaps cocky from their victory on the left, the French squad on the right tried to assault the other farm house.  Here it was the Germans who proved victorious.  The French realized that they had suffered to many causalities and they chose to fall back leaving the Germans victorious.

French men supporting the assault

French men supporting the assault


    Now we are back to are usual Wednesday night schedule until the next convention in February.  See you all at Williamsburg Muster!






Where have we been?

It might be easy to think that the Legati have been dormant these last several months based upon the lack of activity here on the Blog.

This is certainly not the case.

As a club we have been venturing into a number of new areas, most notably would be Skirmish Sangin, Chain of Command, Ronin, Of Gods and Mortals, and a little more recently All Quiet on the Martian Front.

Speaking of Skirmish Sangin, one of the greatest changes has been the success of Chris’ business venture Phalanx Consortium who are now the North American distribution partners for Radio Dishdash. We certainly are proud of what he has accomplished in so short a time.


At the Williamsburg Muster we hosted a number of games. Peter and Chris hosted there beautiful 16th Century Korean war Ronin fight. Hopefully we can get a pic posted here of what was a lovely game board with beautifully painted figures on both sides. Chris also ran some demo games of Skirmish Sangin and I ran a International Brigade Spanish Civil War scenario for Chain of Command.

The three of us were also at Historicon. Chris as a vendor, Pete as a participant and I as a GM. I ran The First Hours, a Chain of command scenario set just at the beginning of the invasion of Belgium in 1940. I do not have any pics of the game underway as my camera disappointed me but I do have this one of the table before the battle began thanks to Pete. Peter also had the chance to play the huge All Quiet on the Martian Front game there as well.

14 - 1

Guns of August is in two weeks, so we are all preparing for that. Peter will be initiating our World War I commemoration with a Mons scenario which we have been playtesting. I will be offering a game of Sharp Practice on Friday evening and the aforementioned Battle of France scenario for Chain of Command on Saturday night. I imagine Chris will be confined to his table, but will no doubt continue to offer Sangin demos on his beautiful board.