Williamsburg Legati at Guns of August

Williamsburg Legati will once again being making it’s usual public appearance at Guns Of August  August 10-12 here in Williamsburg. There is already a post on this page describing the Saga Tournament which we are all participating in.  Besides that we will also be hosting my VBCW game and a Wild West game.  Andrew will be demoing Muskets and Tomahawks, and Peter willl be running a Brother against Brother game as a fund raiser.  Hope to see everyone there!

For more info regarding Guns of August see http://www.odms-club.com/convention/



  1. Gents, I had a great time. Chris, thanks for the use of your superbly painted Vikings!
    – Cort


  2. Williamsburg Muster
    February, 1-3-2013
    Website: wbconventions.org

    E-Mail for more info: wbc@wbconventions.org


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